It’s Getting Colder

It’s the day after Christmas. We’ve been very lucky, so far this year, in Charlottesville’s weather. Although I’ve had to take the ELF out in 26 degree weather once, generally I’ve been able to save my trips for temps above 40. Above 50, it feels great. At 40, I need to wear gloved and several layers of clothing. At 30, despite those layers, I feel a little cold particularly when I’m at a stop light and the wind is blowing crosswise through the door. At 26, I’d better have the special biker’s cap on, and my fingers get uncomfortably cold grasping the metal brake levers and handling the big metal lock and chain I got.

However, there is new from OT, as we owners affectionately call Organic Transit. There’s a heated seat kit. I’ll wait till spring to get it because I know myself better than to think I’ll go out there in the cold and install it. Ain’t gonna happen. So next year I’ll have a heated seat. They also now have doors we can install or soon will have. I’m hesitant. I’d rather have an extra battery and take longer trips when it gets warmer, and get impervious tires when I eventually need new ones. And then there’s the cost. Meanwhile, I have taken a short night trip, finally, and it was fine, except that by the time I came out of where I had gone, the windows were very fogged and I was very glad I didn’t have far to go. I need to get canauba wax for all my windows.

Last of all, today, I’m ordering what I hope will be a hoody, but it may just be a sweatshirt. It will say “To thine own elf be true.” Maybe it will even be on sale since it’s after Christmas.


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