Speaking of my friends (and other things)

That very first post proved to me that it’s been far too long since I worked with WordPress. I don’t know how to change the background picture at the top or to separate the words in it and get them formatted the way I want. I got discouraged, and it took a while to come back. Still, here’s a new try.

Since I posted that first entry, I’ve been on TV featured in a story about the ELF. That was fun, but of course sets a new challenge for me. I need to track down the link to the video of the story, I assume I need to get permission to inculde it in an entry, and I need to find out how to enbed (is that the proper word?) it in a post. Have patience with me. The ELF has obviously increased my street creds but behind that oh-so-hip facade lurks a person who has fallen further than she would like behind on technology.

Anyway……I have three things I want to tell any readers today.

1) I want your ELFies. Those are the pictures you take of my ELF going by. What would be great would be if I had one to include with every post. Maybe every week? How do you get them to me? Oh dear. That’s a whole ‘nother question considering that I would rather preserve what remains of your privacy and mine. I’m on Facebook, if that helps. Friend me long enough to send a message. I FaceBook on an iPad and the app doesn’t make me aware of “other” messages. I won’t mind if you unfriend me afterward.

2) Thanks to a special group of UVA students that absolutely made my day on Saturday. I was riding down Main Street toward the university. They saw me approaching and chanted “ELF! ELF! ELF! ELF!” as I went by. Had me smiling for hours. Is there some kind of contest in Cville for the most ELF sightings?

3) A technical note about the ELF for ELF owners. (Well, technical for me. I know it will be minimal for many.) When you take the battery inside to charge it, it’s best to leave the charger unplugged while you plug the battery into it, then plug in the charger rather than doing it the other way around, plugging in the charger and then the battery into the activated charger. The other way didn’t work for me today and had me panicing, and you know what Kilgore Trout said (I think), “Don’t panic!”

That’s all for now. Thanks again to any readers.


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