What led me to buy an ELF

At least two years ago, on the site Inhabitat, I saw that there was a Kickstarter for an interesting vehicle. It was the ELF, and they had no trouble at all getting enough subscribers for their Kickstarter to be successful. I was not among them.

I haven’t owned a car in more than 30 years. That sounds more impressive than it really is. Most of those years have been spent in New York City and Europe where the public transportation systems are excellent. I had no real need for a car.

Then I moved to Charlottesville, where I had bought a house years before. I knew that Charlottesville’s public transit system was better than that of  most small cities and decided to see if I could get by using it along with assists when needed from taxis.

This worked pretty well for the first two years, but then the service to and from my particular part of the city diminished. There were no buses on Sunday, and on Saturday I would find myself waiting outside at a bus stop for nearly an hour, whatever the weather, with all my groceries. Last winter, I pretty much gave up and had them delivered. The bus system wasn’t working for me anymore.

Meanwhile, Organic Transit, the maker of the ELF announced that it was putting out a new version, one in which many of the most desirable options would be standard. New options were especially useful for the type of terrain in my city, a lot of hills.

And then I heard that the job I had would be ending. I could already imagine possible new employers asking me if I had my own transportation to and from work. I knew that answering no could cost me that job.

it was time. I ordered my ELF.


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